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Pop Bottles School of Events

The lockdown our country’s facing has hit many industries hard, but one of the hardest hit has been that of entertainment. With no public gatherings permitted, eventing has taken a particularly hard knock. Pop Bottles has put together a platform as an initiative to support the events industry during this time; Pop Bottles School of Events.

Since Friday the 27th of March, class has been in session over at the Pop Bottles’ headquarters with the launch of their ‘Pop Bottles School Of Events’ campaign, an initiative put together to support the events and entertainment industry during the lockdown.

Through the Pop Bottles School Of Events, followers have been given a few tricks, tips and cheat codes to help them along their eventing journey. And Pop Bottles think it’s time to put your skills into practice! Through the Pop Bottles School Of Events, many important aspects have been covered that help make any event a success; whether you’re the organiser, performer or vendor. From the importance of music marketing with Channel O Marketing Manager Jade Leaf, all the way to tips for better stage performance’s with Nadia Nakai. Pop Bottles also had some time to speak to Yfm DJ, DJ Sabby, who right after interviewing Pop Bottles Founder and Managing Director DJ Dimplez, offered to share some expert advice for aspiring Radio DJs.

It was during DJ Dimplez interview with DJ Sabby , that we uncovered how experts were picked to work with the School Of Events. DJ Dimplez mentioned that they worked with experts who Pop Bottles has not only personally worked with before but also know through industry connections. However, to make the School Of Events as interesting as possible they thought of incorporating experts who are relatable, genuine and have aspirational journey’s. Yet, what would the School Of Events initiative be without giving its class members the opportunity
to put everything into practice?

And so, for followers who think they’ve got a knack for planning epic events, big or small and would like to get into the industry, Pop Bottles is offering to journey along with them. One lucky winner could stand the chance to win an event sponsorship package to the value of R120,000.00. To enter, followers must submit any of their dopest event concepts to and they could win a sponsorship support package courtesy of Pop Bottles, Red Bull and Yfm.

If you’ve missed out on the episodes, you can check them out here and for competition T&C’s you can visit Keep a lookout on all of Pop Bottles’ social media platforms for further details.

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