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Priddy Ugly And YoungstaCPT Show Their Penmanship On New Song “The Pen”

Since the first quarter of the year, Priddy Ugly has been on a roll with impressive output. In March, he released a two-piece in the form of “A Reminder To You” and “Rainbow”, which were accompanied by a stellar double video. Less than three weeks later, he released this exceptional freestyle on his birthday, aptly titling it “April 2nd Freestyle”.

Like clockwork, he is back with another single, “The Pen”, and this time he has YoungstaCPT on the assist. Youngsta has been busy himself, releasing a monumental music video for his song “Kleurling” in May, as well as lending bars to Shane Eagle’s March release “AMMO”.

The two emcees connect on “The Pen”, which is self-explanatory, really, as they both flex about their penmanship, waxing lyrical about how lyrical they are. They trade bars in which both of them flip metaphors and weave wordplay that has to do with the word “pen”. Priddy says lines like “Jersey number ten, with the pen, I pentshela…” while also saying some thoughtful conscious lines like, “Only one reason, the tongue is misleading, won’t judge a book by the one that’s reading, don’t judge a nation by the scum that’s leading, the poor are not defined by the crumbs they’re eating…”. YoungstaCPT is not to be left behind with the lyrical miracle stuff, as he raps, “When it comes to penning  bars put me in penitentiary, sign the indemnity, read that fine print carefully… infinite penstrokes, no time for the writer’s block…”

The Fred-From-Yesterday & White-Flame directed video is graded in black and white and is reminiscent of the 90s hip hop aesthetic, given the white background graffiti painted walls. The two emcees continue to have great chemistry together, which is evidenced by this particular song, “The Pen”, as well as their numerous collaborations which include “”Come To My Kasi”, “Kung Foo” and a few more other posse cuts, which suggests that they should work together more often.

Watch the music video for Priddy Ugly’s “The Pen, featuring YoungstaCPT below:

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