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YoungstaCPT Kleurling Music Video

[VIDEO] YoungstaCPT Releases A Monumental Music Video For “Kleurling”

Released in 2019, YoungstaCPT’s debut album 3T (Things Take Time) has afforded him continued success and relevance. It’s therefore little surprise that two years since the album was released (29 March 2019), he has gone on to give visual treatment to one of the standout songs from the critically acclaimed album. “Kleurling” is a song that centres Coloured pride by uplifting the Coloured community which YoungstaCPT is part of. Tweeting about the music video upon its release, he said:

Shot on location in Cape Town at the District Six Museum, the video depicts a deep in-thought Youngsta who is stoic as he raps about the upliftment of his people. He is amidst artifacts and antiques exhibited in the Museum that illustrate the rich history and heritage of the Coloured community. There are scenes shot in Westbury, Johannesburg as well as in Mitchell’s Plain. Cape Town – areas with substantial Coloured demographics in both these cities, respectively.

Through the aforementioned locations in the latter parts of the video, Youngsta shows similarities in different Coloured community environments despite their distance and separation. The song aims to uplift the Coloured community through its representation. The merry crowds seen with Youngsta represent the strive and will to live of a people who have been subjected to oppression that still exists today, even if in different form. This visual works well with the contrast provided by the sombre landscape and mood of the video.

Watch the video below:

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