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Rouge pens open letter to SA men and Drops “Senzeni Na” featuring Amanda Black

Dear South African men, 

It took me a while to pen this letter to you. To be honest, I didn’t know what to say. The ask to me seems so simple, and yet here I am on a public platform and I ask that you to STOP hurting us. 

Growing up the youngest of 4 girls, it never dawned on me that I was growing up in a country where to be a woman was to be at constant risk. I never anticipated that being a woman in South Africa would mean that I had a higher chance of dying at the hands of my partner than someone I don’t even know. 

I often wonder what we’ve done to you to deserve such indifference, such hatred. Am I not worthy of breathing freely and not having to look over my shoulder every day? To experience the same freedom, you seem to take for granted every day? 

And then it hits me, I should not have to decipher your actions or motives. I shouldn’t have to live in constant fear that you’ll hurt me. Something has broken in you and it is your responsibility to fix it. 

I’ve addressed this letter to South Africa’s men, because the majority of my fan base are men. And as much as I appreciate your support, I have to speak to the source of the problem. Men have to step up and do something to stop this terrible violence against women; hashtags and slogans are simply not enough. 

Have you changed your behaviour? Have you held one of your boys accountable when they were out of line? Or does your support for women issues stop at the point where it gets a bit inconvenient for you? 

The next single that I will be releasing, is directed more to the men of South Africa. When you have had a listen, I will need you to reflect and answer me this, #SenzeniNa? 

Check out “Senzeni Na” below.

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