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Stogie T enlists Benny the Butcher and Nasty C for his double single release today

Stogie T hit us with a double single release today. He features Griselda Records’ Benny the Butcher on “Animals” and Nasty C on “Dunno”. The singles are from his forthcoming album “Dux Africanus” that we’ll be getting in the fourth quarter of the year. “Dux” being the Latin word for “leader,” the album title makes a hubristic statement in declaring himself the leader of African rappers, but it’s one that we find difficult to dispute.

You can only call yourself the best if you go up against the best and win. He does this by inviting who he’s described as Africa’s rap MVP and America’s rap MVP to some friendly sparring. “The titans link up” between different generations and across different soundscapes, and our takeaway is a feast for the ears.

Of the release, Stogie says, “I think even if you are not from this culture we call Hip Hop it’s good to see an artist at the top of their game get their due reward. But when you come from the culture, to hear the most talked about MC in America – Benny the Butcher – and a trailblazing future hall of famer like Nasty C on songs with Africa’s best rapper is a moment. But honestly, I am just grateful.”

Check out the singles below.

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