Navigating Creative Entrepreneurship and Freelancing

Sazi Mba offers prospective freelancers advice on securing opportunities in the time of COVID-19 Meet Sazi Mbalekwa; producer, production manager and freelance career consultant. Having worked on the sets of major motion and commercial productions, Sazi Mbalekwa is a budding young expert in her field. She holds a BA in Motion Film Production from the […]

10 Business Lessons I have Learned from Diddy: Part II

Words by Nick Kaoma This is Part 2 of the piece on Sean “Diddy” Combs. You can read Part 1 here. Here are a few more business lessons that I have learned from the Bad Boy Founder. Build a Lifestyle (and sell it) Diddy began to craft a larger than life persona as soon as […]

Top 10 Business Lessons I have Learned from Jay Z

Words by Nick Kaoma “More than a Hustler, I’m the Definition of it” Shawn Corey Carter is one of the most astute, charming and savvy men walking God’s green earth today. Everything Mr. Carter touches seems to turn into platinum. Like many millions of hip hop fans around the world I’m a huge fan of […]