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Ranking The 30 Best Khuli Chana Songs

Khuli Chana is enjoying a second act of sorts. All within the first half of 2021, he has had two pivotal moments already. His towering performance on Stino Le Thenny’s “Mshimane 2.0” alongside K.O. as well as the release and subsequent success of his latest single “Buyile” Ft. TylerICU, Stino Le Thwenny & Lady Du. […]

The 10 Best KG Hooks, Ranked

KayGizm has delivered some of the most memorable choruses in South African hip-hop. In honour of his birthday, we rank the 10 best hooks he has contributed to in his legendary career. Often credited as Kay Gee, KayGizm or KG, Kgaugelo Choabi is one of the most skilled songwriters, with the most recognizable voices in […]

Maftown’s Impact on SA Hip Hop

Words by Mercia Tucker   Mafikeng is home to some of South Africa’s most talented and celebrated artists.  When considering the cultural capital of South African music and entertainment spaces in the 90s, however, Maftown hardly came to mind. Kwaito took the urban youth by storm as the centre of a cultural revolution that validated a […]