The Future of Influencer Marketing in SA

Words by Mercia Tucker The Cambridge English dictionary defines an influencer as “someone who affects or changes the way that other people behave, for example through their use of social media.” By definition, this could extend to any person whose paths we cross on social media whose opinion has swayed us in a particular aspect. […]

5 Influencers To Watch Out For in 2018

Words by Tiffany Lekuku I think it is safe to say that by now we are well-versed on the subject of influencers and bloggers, the topic that sparked and continues to ignite many heated debates is finally being recognized as a reputable profession with corporates and the fashion world alike benefiting and seeking some of […]

The SA Influencer Landscape

Words by Sanele Mawisa What is an influencer? If I had a rand for every time this topic reared its confused head on twitter, I would make as much money as influencers do. The reason for this topic being so contentiously debated is due to a lack of understanding on the subject. Everybody has their […]

THE PLUG 100 – 2017

The Plug 100

Cover by Dumaza Ndata Influence. This is a word that is tossed around pretty loosely these days. Indeed, we are slap-bang in the midst of the “influencer” era that’s buoyed by technology and its by-product, social media. The chances of finding a marketing plan without some sort of influencer strategy is as rare as a peaceful gathering […]