Tony X’s “Lerato”

Our Youth Month cover star, Tony X, has a new single out. Titled “Lerato”, the track is a ballad that speaks on young, African love.

Having been relatively quiet since releasing his debut EP, Just In Case, over a year ago Tony’s been crafting his new sound which he says is more a representation of who he is.

“While in studio with my producer, PRxFND, we just kept building this song based on what we wanted it to feel like. Malaika has been a major reference for me over the past year as I believe they made music which is timeless and has a special place in the South African heart.”

“They got it right in terms of making us feel a certain way and evoking some feelings and memories. Lerato is about realising a love. Like finally finding that love that compliments you in every way. It’s a love that’s always been in your face but it’s like now my eyes are finally open to it and I’m ready to commit.”

You can find “Lerato” here