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Touchline Stogie T

Touchline and Stogie T Connect on “You Found Me This Way”

What feels like a long awaited collaboration between one of the young premier MCs in South African hip hop and his OG veteran equivalent who has stood the test of time, has finally surfaced. Touchline has teased a Stogie T collaboration for a while now and their song “You Found Me This Way” has now seen the light of day. 

As can be expected, it is a bar heavy song with both lyricists talking that talk with the greatest of ease. Produced by Gauteng based producer Profound, “You Found Me This Way” is a slow tempo hip hop cut with the space and air to let the two wordsmiths really get into how they view themselves in the game.

Touchline sets it off by speaking on his prowess, “Hottest ever, I deliver, every flow is a wave, I’m not a river, I keep an eye on your writtens like invigilator, forget a test though, I’m here to mark an era, it’s now or never…” and then segues into some social commentary, “I know you hate you hate your step dad from the day a fika, all on your mother’s figure, but he’s not a father figure, I know…”. He then speaks directly to Stogie, giving him the nod, before ending his first verse.

Stogie spits a confirmatory verse that almost serves as a Christening to Touchline that he can sit on the table. He raps, “Aye, what it do Touchline, you’re now part of the bloodline of soothsayers that was mimed, I pray to God you a God’son top five, and above, I’m just here to show you love, uyanthola…”. Touchline then closes off the song with a third verse (second for him) in which he touches on more social commentary, his reverence for Stogie T, as well as his own rise in the game. Great wordplay from both MCs to make a truly heartfelt and meaningful song. 

Listen to “You Found Me This Way” here:

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