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Touchline Releases Emotionally Charged EP Before I Say More

Fan favourite wordsmith Touchline has released his emotionally charged EP Before I Say More. Consisting of six songs, the EP’s sonic make up is bleeding soulful instrumentals that allow Touchline to fully get into his emotional ruminations. Even the change in tempo of some songs like “Somewhere In Between” and “Omuhle” is still underscored by a soulful component.

The EP opens with the J-Smash assisted “Moments”, which sets the tone for the entire EP. Hauntingly beautiful hummed melodies permeate the tune for a good minute and half, over a somber instrumental, before Touchline starts talking his heartfelt talk.Hey raps, “Who you loving instead of me? Who gets to feel your energy? Who’s there when you make memories? Who gives you peace and therapy?  Stability? Serenity? Who’s the one that sees you before you get in that pair of jeans? Who’s sneaks in when your parents leave?” seemingly yearning for the affections of a muse who appears to be getting out of his grasp, which finds him wanting to just spend a moment with her. 

“Unfaithful, Unruly, Ungrateful” follows, which finds Touchline feeling a little scornful, while at the same time still yearning for the affections of his unfaithful, unruly and ungrateful object of his desires. Like most young people, Touchline’s lyrics point to sex and infidelity as a reoccurring motif in relationships. “I’m the one that can’t commit then blame the girl, maybe ‘cause I was hurt by all the women I gave the world to, here I am again putting myself through it, but I said yes to it so let’s do it…” 

“Somewhere In Between” is another cut that delves into heartbreak and trauma as a result of infidelity and unrequited love – subjects which appear to occupy Touchline’s mind quite often. He also questions the motives of the women whom he attracts, and whether they really love him, rapping, “She wants to take things slowly, I’m gone after 24 hours I must be an Insta story, was never on her wish list but her interest is growing, it must be her friends telling her that this kid is blowing, and she needs to stay close to me, just in case I become something, when I post myself in a whip or a plane they come running, like ‘hey stranger!’, I guess I fill that void they have, I guess they feel that void I have, you think it’s attention seeking, trust me it’s way more than that…”

“Omuhle” is a slight departure in that it’s more of a party track featuring DJ ZERO and Tumi Tladi, which is followed by the bar heavy Stogie T collaboration “You Found Me This Way”. The album closer “The Calling” sees him get back in his introspective bag as he tries to place himself in the world, within the socio-economic background of his existence. Before I Say More EP is up there with Touchline’s very best bodies of work, and may very well be leading that conversation. The wordplay, the ideas, the execution – classic Touchline. 

Listen to Before I Say More EP below:

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