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Una Rams SOS

Una Rams and Mikhale Jones make magic with SOS

Una Rams is devoted to R&B and his sultry new anthem with Mikhale Jones is testament to it. He’s released SOS (Sex On Sundayy), a silky single detailing the art of love-making. The Grammy winning artist is equally yoked with Mikhale Jones on vocals, her light and breathy delivery matching the mood of the song.

“The aim for SOS is to deliver an irresistible blend of sensuality and emotion so that this offering lingers for longer in the listener’s psyche to ensure love is heightened and experienced in high definition”, notes Una Rams.

The artist took inspiration from the legendary Prince for his latest release, with the fashion styling and heavy use of the colour purple on in promotional materials a seeming homage. In introducing the new project on social media, Una said, “we’re entering a new universe, a lot of things are different here, new soundscapes, new heights, but the love stays the same — 1st of september we’ll go where we haven’t gone before & we’ll do it together // SOS, a seductive R&B revelation that defies conventions”

We can’t wait for the full length project to drop. In the meantime, take a sisten to Una Rams and Mikhale Jones on SOS here.

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