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ByLwansta ASMR

Listen To ByLwansta’s New Single “ASMR” Featuring Alisha Rose, Some.Unique.Individual and Rams

Announcing that his upcoming project Chapter Three will be the last instalment of his famed SPIJǾNGET series, ByLwansta has released a brand new single off that project. “ASMR” is the latest sonic fruit helmed by the talented storyteller and as can be expected, it is another compelling tale by the artist. This time, taking a rather scenic and overtly sensual route, he details an encounter with a specific love interest of his, in which he courts and eventually engages in all the sensualities with them.

“ASMR” spots a sultry, R&B groove interspersed with thumping 808s and a faint synth, which allows ByLwansta and his accomplices to indulge in sensual and hypnotic soliloquies that fall lovingly to the ears of their respective objects of love and/or interest. There is a tonal shift in the conversation when the love interest, courtesy of Alisha Rose, also shares their feelings, accepting the suitors advances and expressing their love interests as well.

Speaking about the song, ByLwansta says: “I took the often uncomfortable intimacy of ASMR and turned it into an opportunity to express my sensual side, verbalising my inner thoughts.” ASMR is an abbreviation for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.” which typically refers to the “tingly feeling” that travels from the head downward that some experience in response to certain sounds, feelings, or descriptions (e,g soft whispering, crinkling paper, or a gentle touch).

Listen to ByLwansta – “ASMR” featuring Alisha Rose, Some.Unique.Individual & Rams below:

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