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Kamo Mphela Ghost

[VIDEO] Kamo Mphela references ‘Lesilo’ and ‘Thriller’ on new video for Ghost

Kamo Mphela, the Soweto born rising star who broke into the music scene in  2018, is back with a new single titled “Ghost”. The song comes after months of teasing it on social media. Produced by Felo Le Tee and featuring both him and Dalwonga, the song has all the makings of an amapiano hit. Moreso because Kamo worked with the aforementioned “Dipatje” hitmakers, and isn’t a stranger to making hits herself, having been part of hits such as “Percy Tau”, “Sandton” and ” “Amaniniki”. 

Known for her skilful dance moves, Kamo Mphela rose to fame when videos of her dancing to the classic amapiano smash, “Jobe” went viral a couple of years ago. Since then, Mphela has gone on to travel the world performing, as well as selling platinum records in the process. She used the stage and her choreography to launch what she calls The Ghost Experience at this year’s Cotton Fest, debuting the song, with fans of the star consequently begging her to release.

“Ghost” is the internationally recognised singer/dancer’s first release of the year and promises to take fans on an unforgettable journey. In the new single Kamo describes herself as a ghost, a powerful force that isn’t afraid to face haters and naysayers. She further references Lesilo, a ghost character from an old South African drama series who like Kamo Mphela was a force to be reckoned with. The accompanying music video is a creative spectacle that finds the singer playing the part of a ghastly spirit, as she says in the song. It takes cues from the legendary “Thriller” music video by Michael Jackson, as ghosts and zombies have a dance off. Comedians Trevor Gumbi and Robot Boii make appearances in the music video.

Watch “Ghost” below:

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