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10 Hottest Streetwear Trends Right Now

Words by Azola Mona

If you didn’t already know streetwear had taken over the fashion industry, the Louis Vuitton collaboration with Supreme was the proverbial “now you know”. Inspired by the creative rebellion of the urban youth, streetwear trends have infiltrated runways, editorials, Instagram and our wardrobes for the last two seasons, with no signs of stopping. From fishnet stockings to all-oversized-everything, we plug you in to the current streetwear trends of 2017.

In stitches:

Say hello to patchwork and appliqué’s stylish older sibling, Embroidery. Vengefully returning with that 60’s fever, embroidered everything is the new IT! From denim, to leather, to silk, even sneakers and footwear- you name it, it’s probably embellished in intricate designs, usually of the floral and animal variety. Seen on your fave’s fave, popularized by luxury brands such as Gucci, and providing depth and dimension to your staple denim or leather jacket, embroidered outerwear is all the rage.

Something Fishy:

From your local hometown bad bad’s, IG models, down to the Kardashians, everyone and their Mama and them has been rocking this trend. A blast from the past, fishnet stockings are back and they’re taking no prisoners. Whether you rock them under ripped denims, with dresses and skirts, as socks or with open toe heels, this is definitely one of the go to streetwear trends if you’re trying to up the ante as a street style connoisseur.

Supersize Me:

Styled with a modern twist, this trend is inspired by 90’s grunge. Over the past few seasons we’ve seen over-sized garments become more and more popular. In this style, lengths are extended and pieces are over-sized with extra fabric. This season, not only t-shirts, flannels and boyfriend jeans have been super sized- but brands like Fenty x Puma and Vetements, have introduced extra length and over-sized silhouettes in almost everything. If it’s not 2-3 sizes too big and long, you’re doing it wrong.

Keep it on the hush:


Following last seasons technicolor trend, where bright colors and orange were the new black, this seasons streetwear palette is more focused on muted tones and natural shades: olive green, soft grey, light pink and dusty brown. Worldwide wide colour authority, Pantone, has listed Hazelnut- which is a greyish pale rose, and Kale- a dark army green, on its list of top 10 colours for Spring 2017. Blush tones have been featured in Balmain and Salvatore Ferragamo SS17 collections, with the 5th season of the Yeezy collection also featuring muted tones.

Wide Wide West:

The wide leg, much like most vintage trends has returned with a more contemporary and refined look. Incorporated into street style and urban wear and paying ode to the move from skin tight to a more loose fitting/baggy silhouette that’s on trend, you can easily put your best fashion foot forward in a wide leg sweat pant and slouchy sweatshirt combo.

Sock It To Me:

Secret socks have basically become obsolete as tube socks are seemingly here to stay. Gone are the days where socks are not meant to be seen, whether you’re tucking your jeans and sweatpants into your socks-or teaming them with a mini skirt and sneaker ensemble. Another 80’s/90’s inspired vibe, this trend has been on the rise since last season- so if your looking to stay on trend, rock out with your socks out.

LOGO & Behold:

Branching off the 80’s inspired 2016 graphic tee bandwagon, are slogan and logo tee’s and sweatshirts. The slogan trend has come through strong with empowering messages like Dior’s, “We Should All Be Feminists”, to play on brand acronyms like DKNY’s “Don’t Knock New York” and “Designers Know Nothing Yet.” So if you have anything to say right now, say it with your chest.


2016’s popular Athleisure trend has been elevated a few more levels this year, adopting a very high fashion vibe. Vogue has named “Athluxury” as one of the top trends to look out for in 2017, and the streets have listened. Brands such as Tory Burch, Calvin Klein and Moschino have incorporated this into their Spring 2017 fashion lines further solidifying that active-wear is morphing into ready to wear.

Rain drops, Dropped Tops:

Giving new meaning to the term “giving you the cold shoulder”- wearing your jacket or coat just off your shoulders is the new wave. Seen on the catwalk and the side walk, the trick  is to keep your arms in the sleeves and not fully fastening the jacket as it’s supposed to be.

Functional Fresh:


Bomber jackets, puffer jackets and parka’s have glo’d all the way up. Functional and utility inspired pieces are a key fashion staple so far in the year. Whether dressed up or down, these pieces have become key OOTD pieces, especially when rocked by the fashion killa, ASAP Rocky & the ever so trendy Rihanna.

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