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DEAD. stock soiree Cape Town

DEAD. heads to Cape Town for their stock soiree. Having launched a collaborative range with Muzi earlier this year, the conceptual pop-up tour falls along a similar vein, curated by NOT FOR SALE and featuring NouveAux who will be providing the entertainment on the night. The concept behind their current posters are post cards, with […]

5 Women In SA’s Urban Music Scene You Have To Hear

Hip-Hop was born out of struggle and the desire to tell a more relatable story than what existed in American pop culture in the 1970s and 1980s. In the South African context, hip-hop was not nearly as recognized as the soundscapes we associated with pop, traditional or any other genre of music. However, today, South […]

Tarryn Alberts: Tenacious

She began dancing at four years old when her grandmother would put her and her cousin in a clown suit for the entertainment of the family at gatherings, and make them sing and dance for the aunties. She’s taken up the aunty baton, and her cousins’ kids now perform for her in what has become […]