adidas Originals | AREA3 CPT’17 | Jaimi Robin

Editorial by Jaimi Robin produced in AREA3 CPT’17

“We live in a beautiful city, day to day living often makes us forget just how beautiful it is. As a creative I make it a habit to notice.

For these two bodies of work I draw inspiration from my home Cape Town, South Africa.

I am constantly inspired by bold lines and bright lights and it’s ability to connect an image.
I love the repetition of lampposts along the side of a busy street, the clean lines of railway and power cables in front of a sky full of colour. I love how these things can merge with the natural environment around it and create an even stronger image, even though you think it wouldn’t.

I was once told that if you capture in colour you capture clothing, but if you capture in black and white, you capture an essence, a soul. Using neon lights strips an image the same way, but doesn’t only capture one or the other, instead merges them into one. I believe Adidas Originals works just the same, it isn’t just a clothing label but more so aims to merge it’s clothing with an individual, to create something new, something unique and something special. This is my aim with my work, and the series. To capture more than just a photograph but the essence of everything involved.

In my second series I focused on simplicity and repetition, and how you don’t need much to create an image worth looking at, similar to how I would capture street lights. The beauty of it is already there, you just need to take the time to find it.”

Photographer: Jaimi Robin

Lighting: John Second

Stytlist: Jaimi Robin

MUA: Haneem Christian & Jaimi Robin

Models: Kayleigh, Haneem Christian & Saaimah

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