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Angie Santana Next

Angie Santana is on to the “Next” in her new single

Kimberly-born sultry R&B singer Angie Santana returns with a scorned woman anthem “Next” as her latest single. The song is a slow tempo R&B cut produced by Leolin Jeggles, which finds Angie subdued but very fed up with a lover who has wasted her time. She sings, “You messed up for me, I know you miss my body, yeah, you want my body… I ain’t trying to speak, I don’t hear that shit, fuck outta here… it’s on to the next, I ain’t waiting on you, I got a new nigga coming through…”

Angie is steadily building a solid catalogue of soulful, emotive R&B with no holds barred, as she writes quite frankly about issues centred on modern heterosexual relationships. She handles topics of sensuality and sex, as well as love and romance with refreshing honesty that even when it’s explicit, it is not off-putting because it’s relatable. Her Valentines Day 3-pack release Angelico is testament to the above. “Next” continues in this niche, making us excited for an upcoming full-length album on the horizon.

Listen to Angie Santana’s here:

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