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Angie Santana releases a Valentine’s Day three-piece EP titled Angelico

R&B singer Angie Santana has released a sweet and short three-track project for Valentine’s Day titled Angelico.

The project opens up with the visceral “Bleed Me Out”, which finds the singer berating a lover who consistently puts her through hell. On the song, she sings, “You ain’t exposing me, boo why you so conceited? Showing my deepest of weakness, act like it’s an achievement, I know it’s payback season, you plotting high while I’m sleeping so you can say we’re even, but you know we ain’t even…”

The second song is “Fuck You Tonight Interlude”, which bears extravagent production that serves as the perfect canvas for Angie to throw down and daringly sing, “Two wrongs don’t make a right, why we gotta fuss and fight, I just wanna fuck you tonight, I just wanna do you right…” The EP wraps up with “Caught Up”, in which Angie addresses an all consuming, fiery love affair. She sings, “Ung’bambile, ngizwa umlilo ngaphakathi, got me losing self-control over my whole body…” before she interpolates the lyrics to Ginuwine’s “Pony”, singing. “You want it, let’s do it, coming, love in… you got me caught up in all of your love…”

Speaking on her state of mind during the making of the EP, Angie said: “I am very excited about this project, it was an emotional journey for me, as the past year or so has been quite hectic. So I had to do a deep dive into personal moments of my life; feelings of neglect, feeling unwanted, dealing with infidelity and heartbreak, as well as learning to navigate the industry as an independent artist, while writing songs on the project. I want people to relate to the music and attach their own personal experiences to what I call the ‘Broken Hearts Sorority’. After all, we hurt and heal the same – through music.”

Listen to Angelico here:

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