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Angie Santana No Calls

Listen To Angie Santana’s Latest Song “No Calls”

R&B songstress Angie Santana returns with the release of her new song called “No Calls”. The Leolin Jeggels produced song is a broody and mellow 808 heavy instrumental which finds Angie coming to terms with a disappointing lover, which leads her to the resolve that she is better on her own.

She interpolates part of Usher’s U Don’t Have To Call” when she sings, “You don’t have to call, it’s okay boy, I’mma be alright, I’mma do just fine…”

“No Calls” is Angie’s first release of the year since going independent last year. She also released “Money” in 2020, which is her last single before her current single, “No Calls”.

Listen to “No Calls” below:

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