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A-Reece Lucasraps Best Rapper

Best rapper in Africa? Lucasraps has something to say about A-Reece’s statement

A-Reece doesn’t do a lot of tweeting but when he does, on more than a few occasions, he gets tongues wagging. Following the surprise release of his 4/20 inspired EP, The Burning Tree, he’s been active on the platform a lot more than usual and yesterday he tweeted something that may have had the game – fans and players alike – in a frenzy.

In all caps, he said: “I AM THE BEST RAPPER IN AFRICA.”

Naturally, this got a rise out of some people who had something to say about that declaration.

The Big Hash had something to say:

Captain_057 also had something to say:

However, it was Lucasraps who had a whole lot to say, going as far as putting it on wax.

He responded to the tweet in the form of a verse rapped over a remake of Riky Rick and A-Reece’s “Pick You Up” hit, cheekily titling it “BEST RAPPER IN AFRICA” and using the screenshot of A-Reece tweet as the cover.

While it’s not an overt diss song as many fans suspected it might be, Lucasraps does talk his shit the entire verse. He raps, “Man fuck what’s out now, it’s just hot now ‘cause I ain’t dropped yet – Nigga!/ Toe to toe, let’s go get it gorilla, I’m the only little nigga dropping niggas with my lyrics, ain’t nobody doing it realer… ” 

Lucasraps clearly sees himself as one of Reece’s peers and judging by this verse, he thinks he’s the best rapper in Africa. As a young man’s sport, it’s no surprise that when it comes to rap, it seems every single young rapper thinks they’re the best. As long as they put out good music in the pursuit to prove this assertion, we can’t complain much. 

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