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Boity 018's Finest

[VIDEO] Boity Drops “018’s Finest” Video with Maglera Doe Boy and Ginger Trill

Boity has dropped the video for “018’s Finest” featuring Maglera Doe Boy and Ginger Trill. Officially released on Friday, 16 April 2021, Boity’s video for her latest single off her debut EP 4463 has raked in almost 30 000 views on YouTube in the weekend to date.

True to her ways of paying homage to where she originates, Boity had the video directed and shot by Nigel Veggies on location in Potchefstroom. She previously showed her knack for wanting to pay homage to her native by first naming her EP 4463, which is her grandmother’s house number in Potchefstroom where she grew up. She then named this particular song “018’s Finest”, 018 being the dialling code for Potchefstroom. On top of that, she features two North West sons, Maglera Doe Boy, by way of Klerksdorp and Ginger Trill, by way of Potchefstroom.

The video depicts Boity in all her hood splendour, blending in and surrounded by her people – mostly youth, who are visibly excited to see her as she pulls up in a black Range. The video alternates between a few shots showing her in different locations. In the street shots, she seems at her most natural, having ditched the fancy lady-like demeanour and instead of donning her hood-chick persona, colourful braids and all. In another prominent shot, she’s alone in a car body shop, Range behind her, as she raps while assuming the most Queen Bee-esque presence.

Maglera Doe Boy delivers his stellar verse amidst a montage of hood monuments and the masses as he walks by. Ginger Trill’s cameo at the end is a pleasant surprise at the end as he kingly stands surrounded by masses for his part of the song. An impressive video with fitting visuals, it bodes well as Boity’s first video for her debut EP 4463.

Watch the video below:

Boity – “018’s Finest” Ft. Maglera Doe Boy & Ginger Trill

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