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Ginger Trill

Ginger Trill Releases New Song “PRAY [$IGN OF THA TiME$] on Soundcloud

It’s always exciting when veteran MC Ginger Trill throws his hat in the ring and releases new music. Off the back of a successful, rejuvenating link up with beloved MC Touchline in 2023, Trill returns with a solo effort “PRAY [$IGN OF THA TiME$]” produced by RACK$. 

Serving as his second solo release this year, following the K-Tasso produced “HOOP DREAM$”, also released exclusively on Soundcloud, “PRAY [$IGN OF THA TiME$] is a less than 3 minutes dirge that finds Trill prayerfully lamenting the times that we find ourselves in as a nation. 

It’s a rare outing, given he raps almost entirely in Setswana, yet that decision illustrates his intention to really be heartfelt and effective in addressing serious issues that include the countries failing economy, rapping “the leaders ba sechab ba re bositsa morago, who supposed to lookout for our survival, nothing adds up ha ke re ke etsa lipalo, ranta e wele, ke shota ka ya seshabo..”

The usage of the late Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s picture as the cover art, as well as including a famous clip of him cautioning the government of the impending doom should things not change is a masterstroke, resonant with the current political landscape of the country. 

It is commendable to hear an MC of Trill’s calibre give a brief yet incisive socio-economic commentary of the country, even if it’s not dense, to show that hip hop is truly a voice for the people.

Listen to “PRAY [$IGN OF THA TiME$]” here:

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