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Ginger Trill The Bar Album

Ginger Trill Releases New Album, Burn After Reading: The B.A.R.

Rap veteran and one of Potch’s shining sons, Ginger Trill, released his latest album Burn After Reading: The B.A.R Album to thunderous applause of approval. Having taken a hiatus in the past year, the much loved emcee has returned with a near flawless album that reminds hip hop fans (who may have forgotten) why the brilliant wordsmith remains a highly rated fan favourite to this day. 

Clocking in at 18 minutes, The B.A.R. Album is a concise 7-track project that finds Trill at his sharpest lyrically. His flow sound measured and precise on the opening song “$tar (Introlude)” as he raps, “I went hard up out the bars, I was plotting my escape/ Guess my flow is like a god’s, I’m Poisedon by the lake/ I was starving with my dogs/ Now it’s lobster by the plate/ The work swimming in the pot, all this guap I gotta chase/ All this cheddar I gotta chase/ Parmesian I gotta taste…”

An enticing collaboration just off the strength of the co-star on it “J.O” is one of the early standout tracks. Featuring the incomparable Maggz, the track is a suave main event from two highly skilled snipers, lock loaded, ready to take aim and as it turns out – both don’t miss. The only other features on the album come in the form of IMP THA DON, who assists on the soulful “The Nice$t”, as well as K-Tasso, who’s enlisted on “BNG 2”.

Burn After Reading: The B.A.R Album is a solid effort from a high level lyricist who continues to build a formidable catalogue. He carries on the tradition of naming his projects after movies, as he did his 2019 EP, PIF (named after the film Paid In Full) as well as 2020’s From Potch With Love (inspired by the James Bond film From Russia with Love). Burn After Reading is also lifted off the Coens brothers film of the same name.

Listen to Ginger Trill’s Burn After Reading: The B.A.R. Album below:

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