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Cassper 4 Steps Back

Cassper throws his hat in the diss track ring with “4 Steps Back”

It has been two weeks since Big Zulu released his inexplicably scathing yet friendly diss track “150 Bars” and a slew of responses have come as a result. Of those mentioned in Big Zulu’s diss track, K.O. was the first one to respond swiftly with his song “OMEGA FREESTYLE”. Kwesta then responded with “Quanthum (First Load)”. Duncan was the third notable rapper to respond with “Big Ndunu (Umngcwabo) and now Cassper has thrown his hat in the ring with “4 Steps Back”.

The Mafikeng native has been on his bully, following a streak of confrontational songs since the late 2021 release of his song “The Pressure”, followed by his feature verse on Fakaloice’s “Ooh Ahh” early this year. He then released “Put Your Hands Up” the same week Big Zulu released “150 Bars”, another fiery song, despite its festive vibe. The common thread in all of these Cassper releases is that he wants to make it clear that despite making a foray into amapiano, he can still rap circles around the game. As to whether that’s true or not is up for discussion.

“4 Steps Back” may be tailored for Big Zulu, but it is right up the alley Cassper has been stationed at for a while now. On the song, he is utterly disrespectful, hurling insults to Big Zulu in an effort to belittle him. Perhaps Big Zulu asked for it but it goes without saying, the song is populated with truly disturbing imagery. Many hold the opinion that diss tracks are a “no-holds-barred” territory and anything can and most likely will be said. Cassper clearly believes this as he certainly didn’t hold his tongue.

Listen to “4 Steps Back” below: 

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