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Celebrating Africa Month with Apple Music

May is recognised as Africa Month all over the continent. It’s in commemoration of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity, which is known as the African Union these days. The political quests are for the unity of the continent and for the political and economic emancipation of its people as well as co-operation among them, but artists continent-wide see it as an opportunity to celebrate our uniqueness.

They have a little help from Apple Music this time around as the brand launches its Africa Month campaign. Recently expanding to 52 new countries around the world, the music service now brings the total number of countries across Sub-Saharan Africa where they are active to 33.

For Africa Month, they’ve commissioned 15 exclusive guest playlists curated by some of the continent’s finest artists as well as a playlist featuring the biggest African songs of all time. They have playlists from Davido, Msaki, Angelique Kidjo, Sauti Sol, and more. The artwork for the campaign has also been curated from some of Africa’s finest viz. Karabo Poppy and Laolu.

“African music is rich and diverse because Africa is a continent, not a country,” Angelique Kidjo explains. “Its music ranges from Uum Kulthum of Egypt down to Miriam Makeba of South Africa, with many distinct styles and subcultures in-between. This playlist is not an exhaustive snapshot of all of the important artists and genres, but is more like a journey through my musical life with the songs that inspired me and the many friendships I’ve found with my fellow African musicians.”

With the world in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic, Davido has given his thoughts around the music selection. “Yes the world is currently in an odd place but I am staying positive and hoping for the best,” Davido declares. “It has given me a chance to enjoy some of the good things of life that work normally does not let me enjoy as much. For example, spending time with
my family, especially my fiancé and son! The tracks on this playlist have made our mini house parties a lit situation!”

Head over to Apple Music for the full curated experience, and check out one of the playlists below.

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