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Ch’cco and Pabi Cooper take to NYC billboards with Spotify x FC Barcelona collaboration

Music and football work symbiotically in the Spotify partnership with FC Barcelona. The global streaming service is the football club’s main sponsor, and has come up with unique and interesting ways to profile the best of both brands and tap into the club’s global fanbase.

In October last year they began the limited edition football jersey series. Emblazoned with OVO’s owl logo across the chest, the streaming service used the unique opportunity to celebrate Drake being the first artist to have his tracks streamed 50 billion times on Spotify. The series of limited edition jerseys continued with Rosalia and also The Rolling Stones.

Spotify has now launched the Barca African Connect playlist, combining football from FC Barcelona and music subcultures from Africa. The playlist is made up of African tracks that helps Barcelona players prepare for a gruelling game day. With songs from Ch’cco and Pabi Cooper featuring on the playlist, they have become two of the faces of the campaign and accordingly have been placed on Spotify billboards in New York’s Times Square and Penn Plaza.

Barca African Connect is updated weekly, since its 14 September launch, and features different genres of music including Afrobeats, Amapiano, Afro pop and more.

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