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Da King of African Rap, Kwesta, celebrates five years of DAKAR II

“I’m being myself in the music. Everybody else is talented and they can do their own thing and you can find them in their own music, but you can find Kwesta in Kwesta’s music. And I think that’s where the originality of everything comes from. That’s why it’s so original when you hear it because it’s really full-on, 100%, me. And not me trying to portray a certain thing that I think people wanna hear.”

The words of Kwesta ring true as he speaks to the longevity of DaKAR II and why it’s resonated with people so uniquely. The album turns five years old tomorrow and to mark the occasion there will be an exclusive airing of the “5 Years of DaKAR II” special on Channel O tomorrow at 4pm.

With hits such as. “Nomayini,” “Ngud,” “Ngiyazi’fela Ngawe,” and. “Mayibabo” DaKAR II will become the first album to feature on Apple Music’s new Classic Album of the Week on Friday, 5 March 2021. The video special will have Kwesta talking about legacy, life and love while breaking down the music. Asked about the legacy of his work, the rapper said, “I want to leave a balanced legacy – professional and personal. Personally, my legacy is whatever my daughter interprets my music to be. That is the legacy that interests me the most and the one I want to keep positive.”

Take a trip down memory lane and listen to Kwesta’s DaKAR II here.

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