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Flvme Note to Self

FLVME plugs us in to his audio diary with the release of NOTE TO SELF

FLVME has a new project out. Fresh off the news of his recent SAMA nomination for GERMANDER II, FLVME has released the seven-track EP, NOTE TO SELF.

The project is his second for the year, having released The LOST PACK:, Vol. 1 in May following a robbery where he lost that very project. In NOTE TO SELF he employs his signature sound, a mixture of R&B and rap with the underpinnings of autotune processing, that has become his forte. The project also features Maglera Doe Boy, 25k, and Ecco the Beast – who, while his artistry is complete without the features, show that SA hip hop produces some of its finest output when they work together.

The title track relays the overall sentiment of the project. Flvme says of it, “It comprises seven reminders I frequently revisit to stay motivated and resilient. Through this audio diary, I aspire to offer insight into my own journey while also helping you discover more about yourself. NOTE TO SELF, NOTE TO YOU…”

“DO RiGHT iNTRO” was the first release from the project and “it’s a song about finding balance, peace and navigating through hardships as I grow older. It’s also about me leaving behind certain things to transition into the newer version of myself”. he says.

The title track outros with a snippet of Miles Davis’ 1989 interview with 60 Minutes‘ Harry Reasoner. Harry asks “Would you be a musician if nobody ever heard you?” Miles responds “Sure,” and continues, “Because I love music, it’s in my ear, I can’t get it out.” Cementing that this is his lot in life, that the uncertainty of “DO RiGHT iNTRO” culminates in the illumination of his life’s purpose in “NOTE TO SELF”, the project then heads in the direction of bringing his friends/features on board and having a good time with the more upbeat tracks for the remainder of the project.

Watch the video for “WAY UP” featuring 25k below and listen to FLVME on Note to Self here.

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