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Night Embassy Focalistic

Focalistic is leading the entertainment army assembled for Night Embassy’s closing party

The night called and the ambassadors answered. Jägermeister’s Night Embassy has had an epic run but all good things must come to an end. To close off the experience, Night Embassy is throwing a closing party with with Focalistic heading up the army of entertainers for the night.

Moon Valley Studios in Bez Valley plays host and the Ambassadors, Unmuted, Other Village People, Kombonation and DORMANTYOUTH will perform on the night, as will leading acts Focalistic, Sizwe Alakine, Muzi, Gigi La Mayne, Gyre, House Of Diamonds by Vogue Nights Jozi, Moneybadoo and more. Ashley Moyo, Kooldrink, Nikki Newlands, RAMS Live Experience, Spontaneous, Omagoqa, That$hyHomie,Odyssey, Lubonk, Asante, Kaddy and Umgido complete the two-stage lineup.

As always, entrance is free with complimentary tickets available on Webtickets. Shuttle points to and from the Closing Party will be available along with Uber discount codes to encourage Safety in The Night.

Night Embassy Johannesburg has a lot to celebrate. The four residencies have seen Unmuted, Other Village People, Kombonation and DORMANTYOUTH creating bold new Nightlife experiences and uncovering fresh talent at iconic spaces in the Joburg inner city (Carfax), Braamfontein (No.4 at Constitution Hill), Uncle Tom’s in Soweto and Megalo in Alex, respectively, with the support of Jägermeister.

“We invite our communities and allies to celebrate our final message: There is a place in The Night for Everyone. Expect to enjoy a strong lineup of established and emerging artists, dance and Vogueing, Graffiti, Jägermeister Cocktails, Interpretive Fashion, Food and elevated musical experiences.” Says Bea Theron, Jägermeister Experiential Manager.

Night Embassy began in Berlin, moved to Moscow and in July 2021 launched in South Africa. Night Embassy Joburg supported the selected Ambassadors of the Night through Freiraum, production support, budget and mentorship by the Night Embassy Creative Board: Event producer, business strategist and venue owner Theresho Selesho; designer, artist and creative director Jana Hamman; LGBTQI pioneer, DJ and content creator Lelowhatsgood; skate scene champion and filmmaker Day Marumo and amapiano centered talent management agency owner Thuli Keupzz.

Lincoln Long is sure that as a result of Night Embassy Joburg “We’ll see a change in Nightlife where new collectives are able to compete with the big Nightlife stakeholders. Unmuted, OVP, Kombonation and DORMANTYOUTH have proven that it’s not how big your collective is, but rather that fresh new spaces and experiences are created when you embrace your community, keep true to their Nightlife needs, and always being authentic. That’s the Nightlife the people want.”

Complimentary tickets are available on

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