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Focalistic Ghetto Gospel

Focalistic reps Garankuwa in sophomore album Ghetto Gospel

Focalistic has become a mainstay in the music industry since his debut album in 2020. Seen as a torchbearer for the amapiano genre within the South African music landscape, he has gone on to enjoy immense popularity, going as far as touring overseas numerous times with other notable amapiano artists. His debut album Sghubu Ses’ Excellent housed his major breakthrough hit “Ke Star”, which saw his star rising rapidly and now, after a handful of EPs and collaborations, Focalistic is back with another full length album, Ghetto Gospel.

Running over one hour, Ghetto Gospel has 15 songs that are a mix of amapiano sounds and a hybrid of rapping, given how he flows in kwaito-esque style on his songs. He features a slew of artists such as Sjava, Mellow & Sleazy, Herc Cut The Lights, Elaine, DBN Gogo, Felo Le Tee and Venom & Shishiliza – amongst many others. His signature pitori language abounds throughout the album, which is underscored by the unmistakable log-drum that is a staple in the amapiano world. 

With varied subject matter, the album has songs where Foca is addressing serious issues like the opener “Dipuo”, which warns against the vitriol that comes with success. Dancefloor bangers occupy the bulk of the album however, with songs like “Tabela Hape” and “Tsela Tse Nyane” poised to become fan favorites due to their infectious vibe that ought to get anyone in a dancing mood. The bulk of the album was produced by Mellow & Sleazy and as such have a heavy Bacardi influence.

Listen to Ghetto Gospel by Focalistic below:

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