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Indigo Stella Nadia Nakai Pay It Up

Indigo Stella and Nadia Nakia Are All About Their Paper On New Single “Pay It Up”

Since she first stepped in the scene, particularly with her 2019 EP Indigo, Indigo Stella has been going from strength to strength, proving she’s a force to be reckoned with in the industry. The budding rapper, who has shown her lyrical chops numerous times is back with a breezy cut that features none other than Nadia Nakai.

Indigo has never been shy to express her reverence for Nadia on more than one occasion on social media, with Nadia reciprocating the love. The two ladies finally connected and in February Indigo alluded to a collaboration between the two of them materialising.

The collaboration has finally happened and it comes in the form of “Pay It Up”, which finds the two being all about their money as heard on the chorus of the song. Nadia enthusiastically delivers two potent verses, ensuring that there’s no half measures for her and Stella’s collaboration.

“Pay It Up” is the perfect soundtrack to the sign of the times, where ladies are all about their money and are not shy to demand what’s due to them. With smart lines like “Married to the hustle so I’m cheating on the guap…” Stella subtly shows her pedigree, while Nadia is more overt, spitting lines like “They’re gonna copy, so many tries they should go try out for the Springboks…”

Serving as her first single for her upcoming debut album InterStella, “Pay It Up” is the perfect primer for what’s to come next. The album is slated for a 2021 release but a definitive date has not been revealed as yet.

Listen to Pay It Up below:

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