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Nadia Nakai Lucasraps

Nadia Nakai goes braggadocio in new single featuring Lucasraps

Nadia Nakai is back again with an effortless banger, “Not The Same”. This time enlisting the help of Lucasraps, the pair flex on the Kronik and Soko7 co-produced song. Braggadocio raps, tongue in cheek lines and larger than life bars is what the song abounds with. Speaking of it, Nadia Nakai says, “The track itself is about feeling yourself… speaking your sh*t, basically saying that you’re not coming out unless your cheque is paid and that when you do your presence is the present”.

“I ain’t even stressing little bitches I put haters on/ Even if it’s murky keep it moving, got my gators on/ We be going dumb inside the crib until the neighbours call/ He ain’t got no money? Make him dip like tomato sauce…” declares Nadia as she closes her verse, revealing her entire M.O. before going on to namedrop luxury brands such as Balenciaga and [Hermes’] Birkin on the hook. She could care less what any of the haters have to say because she is way ahead of them – they’re not the same as her. She’s also not in the business of messing with broke men.

Lucasraps slides in on a whole ‘nother level, talking that out of pocket talk, opening his verse with, “Man, told her to put that pussy on a pedestal/ Shake that ass, you know who be the young general/ You get it girl, get you Fendy and a bezel hoe/ Swear there’s plenty more, take your ass out to the jewellery store/ Come see a nigga, do that walk for me girl/ Get that pussy a voice, let me talk to it girl/ Girl, throw it back/ Ride me like I’m au paire/ Let me bust a nut, send you the clicks with a Plan-B!”. The two do have great chemistry together and perhaps this will be a start of a fruitful working relationship with more collaborations to come.

Listen to “Not The Same” here:

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