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K.O Skhandaville Freestyle

K.O asserts his stake in the game with scorching “Skhandaville Freestyle”

One of the longest standing veterans in the game has come back to assert his power and stake his claim with a scorching freestyle. The Skhanda God himself, K.O. has released a 4 minute showcase illustrating that he still has one of the deadliest pens in the game. On “Skhandaville Freestyle” all the attributes we have grown to love about the former Teargas frontman are present. He is witty, sharp, precise and he sounds like he is fun as he flexes his lyrical prowess over a Lunatik beat that has two parts.

In the first part of the song, Lunatik’s beat is a trippy headbanger with thumping 808s, which allows K.O. to get into an acrobatic pocket as he dances all over the beat. His signature laugh/giggle makes an appearance of course, after the line, “Mare leyo ngane ngizoyingena ngoreverse ngoba vele she’s forward…” The beat then switches to a more laid back but brooding groove, and K.O. carries on the onslaught, dropping bars such as, “All that talking, doesn’t move me/ He’s Just barking, inja ingalume/ He’s a cornball, ba re moemish/ Steal all my shit, absolutely/ You niggas fell off…”

Having made a serious foray into business by expanding his Skhanda World empire through a record label and clothing company, K.O is well aware that he shouldn’t neglect the very thing that has put him in the position he is currently in. The music is what got him here and he is great at making it. He enjoys rapping and he has an obligation to still participate at the highest level.

Now that he has set the tone of what SR3 is going to sound like with “Skhandaville Freestyle”, also with lines like, “Barman beng requesta (Kwesta) uleth iNgud leth’ iSpirit”, he’s surely stoked the fires and his fans can’t wait for the new project.

Listen to “Skhandaville Freestyle” here:

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