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Kanye West Holds Private Listening Session In Las Vegas For ‘Donda’, Touted As His Best Album In Years

Reports are that Kanye West’s upcoming album, Donda, is so good, some are already calling it his best album in years. On Sunday, 18 July 2021, the “Through The Wire” hit maker hosted a private and exclusive – strictly invite only – listening session for his upcoming album in Las Vegas. Despite strict rules that no cell phones were allowed at the private event, snippets of footage surfaced online showing Kanye rapping along to one of the songs.

Kanye has been teasing the ‘Donda’ album for a few years now and it looks like it might finally be getting released this time around. Donda is the name of his mother, whom he lost after she suffered a series of post-surgery complications in 2007. He has since gone through many phases in his personal and professional life, with many believing his mother’s death to have plunged him into a really dark place, which has unfortunately interfered with his music.

Though a release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, there’s strong suspicions that it will be released this week. If the reports from those who attended the listening session in Vegas are anything to go by, then ‘Donda’ might be that album that proves Kanye is still the “five beats a day for three summers” Kanye.

UPDATE 20/07: Pusha T and Live Nation have given details of a public listening event to be hosted at the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta. Pusha T, one of the rumoured features on the album announced via his Instagram account that the event is set to happen this Thursday the 22nd July.

A Louise Bourgeois painting is rumoured to be the album’s artwork. With the late artist’s work ranging thematically between family, sexuality, the body, death, and the unconscious, it’s easy to see why Kanye might be drawn to her work for his cover art.

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