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Maglera Doe Boy

Maglera Doe Boy’s New Single “God Is A Black Woman” Is A Thoughtful Love Letter

Maglera Doe Boy is at the verge of releasing his full length project Diaspora and now that he has spoken for the hood on his previous single “Dor Do Povo”, he now fixes his attention to his woman. “God Is A Black Woman” is a sweet and thoughtful love letter and ode to his muse. He showers her with terms of endearment and describes to the T how she makes him feel, ultimately bestowing her with the highest compliment – which is likening her to God. He sings, “Don’t know Modimo but I know a Goddess, get down on my knees and I praise her, God is a Black woman, lehodimo in her conscience…” 

It’s impressive to hear the usually brash rapper adopting a mellow tone in order to express his innermost feelings. And while he does a more than good enough job to take charge of the romantic song, he still enlists veteran vocalist and legendary Morafe member, Kaygizm to help serenade his queen. Forever a student of the game, MGB interpolates the iconic song by Mbongeni Ngema, “Stimela”, singing “Stimela sam’ sase Zola!.. Stof’ sam’ sa malahla, se-umbrella  sam’…”

DIASPORA is set to be released in September.

Listen to Maglera Doe Boy’s “God Is A Black Woman” below:

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