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Nasty C and Emtee battle it out in the latest “Revolution of Hip Hop” IG live

“The Revolution of Hip Hop” Instagram Live battles began a few weeks ago with Gemini Major and Tweezy going head to head. After Makwa and Lunatik took up the reins last week, Nasty C and Emtee had their own version last night.

Facilitated by Gemini and Tweezy, theirs follows the wave of artists bringing entertainment to their fans in a fun and innovative way with many countries in lockdown following the COVID-19 breakout. MsCosmo, DJ Capital, MTV Base, Gemini Major and Tweezy were the five judges deciding on the outcome, but with such a catalogues of hits on both sides, it was a close call.

You can still check out the saved broadcasts on Nasty C and Emtee’s pages, but have a look at the outcome below.

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