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Nasty C

Nasty C Addresses Some Personal Stuff On Latest Release “No Big Deal”

Nasty C made an appearance on T-Bo Touch’s afternoon show on Metro FM The Touchdown the other day (23 November). He debuted the verse that would eventually become “No Big Deal” – a deeply personal soliloquy that finds him getting some things off his chest. Rapping the verse over Jay-Z’s “Kingdom Come” instrumental on the show, Nasty raised eyebrows when he got really candid on a slight tiff with Ghanian rap star Sarkodie, as well as the long brewing beef with his nemesis, A-Reece.

This morning, he released the verse as a brand new song on IG, albeit unmastered, and he aptly titled it “No Big Deal”. Sounding sullen and subdued, he opens up with the lines, “When I first met Sarkodie, he wouldn’t shake my hand – cool. I’m not too proud to say I’m still a fan. But I held a grudge and told myself to wait ’til I’m the man, I’ll never give that man a verse and boy did I stick to my plan..”. He goes on to describe how jaded and slighted he felt that Sarkodie didn’t seem to take him seriously and even though he took it hard, the two stars eventually resolved issues.

He also touches on the media misrepresenting some of his statements pertaining to another Ghanian star, Shatta Wale. In 2018, while visiting Ghana and performing as a guest International Act for the VGMAs, Nasty C was interviewed on Ghanaian radio station StarrFM. Asked about a few of the country’s musicians, he said, “I have to meet Stonebwoy, I love people like him. He has some positive vibes and he is passionate about helping people. I have to meet Stonebwoy, I really like him.” He added, “I have heard the name Shatta Wale but not his works. I don’t know if he is a man or woman.”

On the freestyle he mentioned that he is glad that nothing came off that misunderstanding as Shatta Wale was more understanding. Nasty also moved on to a topic that’s closer to home, rapping, “Got something to speak on next. I think it’s time I take this back to the nest. It’s been a couple requests. You know I tried to squash that shit with A-Reece. Hard as it was to put my pride aside. I tried to make peace. It wasn’t even no beef. That shit was petty spaghetti. Two weeks later I’m disrespected and regret it already.”

He ended it off with severed relationships closer to home but wouldn’t get in to any detail saying its too personal. Check out Nasty C freestyle “No Big Deal” below.

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