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DJ PH Entlek

Listen to DJ PH’s New Song “Entlek” Featuring Sizwe Alakine, Emtee and Phantom Steeze

DJ PH has assembled yet another posse in his latest single “Entlek”, which delivers what could potentially be a summer scorcher. With features from Sizwe Alakine, Emtee and Phantom Steeze, “Entlek ” repurposes and interpolates theTKZee Family’s hook from their smash hit “Fella Kae”. “Entlek” also uses the same sample the aforementioned song used, which is Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach”. 

Sizwe Alakine sets it off, rapping in a combination of Sotho, English and Zulu, in full alter-ego mode. Emtee then handles the second verse in his signature sing-song flow. Phantom Steeze then closes off the song, making sure to shout Riky with the line “Sidlukotini, we eating these clothes…”. Before this single, DJ PH released the Makwa produced single “Badelam” on September 1st, featuring Stino Le Thwenny.

Listen to DJ PH’s “Entlek” below:

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