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Nasty C on Apple’s Song Stories

Apple Music began a new short-form video series this month called Song Stories. The series deep dives into the creative process, inspirations and challenges faced by some of the country’s leading artists – Amanda Black, Ami Faku, Elaine, Nasty C and Sha Sha.

With Amanda Black, Elaine, Sha Sha, and Ami Faku having told their stories, the inaugural series closes out with Nasty C letting us in to the process behind his latest track “God Flow.”

Of the track, he says “It’s really about being a God in whatever you feel like. When I made the song at that particular time, that’s how I felt. When I said ‘God Flow’ for the first time, it kind of made me feel I could really take this song far.”

The Zulu Man With Some Power also spoke on his success and the tales behind his last album Strings and Bling. Check out his Song Stories here.

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