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PatricKxxLee Don't Truss

PatricKxxLee Is Pensive On His Latest Single “Don’t Truss”

Zambian-born and Jo’burg based rapper, singer and producer PatricKxxLee releases his latest single “Don’t Truss”, which is a hypocorism for “Don’t Trust”. As the title purports, the song finds PatricKxxLee pensive and super aware of those around him – as a result, he declares that “Truss nobody, Ion’ truss no….”.

The rapper, who has made considerable traction on Soundcloud premiered the song on Soundcloud first, before putting it up on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. This act could be seen as a reward for his day one Soundcloud fans who keep propping him up to the levels he’s steadily reaching.

If “Don’t Truss” is anything to go by, PaticKxxLee is an emotive rapper who wears his heart on his sleeve, as he raps, “If I lost it all would you steal for me? If they caught me lacking would you kill for me?… I can see the jealousy you keep lowkey, now its solo dolo in my heart I learned… I just want the money for my family, momma ain’t never gonna backstab me…”

The self-produced song is a moody and trippy song that starts off with a lonely piano riff before gradually evolving into a thumping bass line infused drumbeat. It  complements the pensive lyrics of PatricKxxLee and makes for an intriguing piece.

Listen to “Don’t Truss” below:

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