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PieSlovakia&Dance presents Gorgeous Radio

PieSlovakia&Dance present Gorgeous Radio, a brand new online radio show aimed at facilitating honest and provocative conversations around music, fashion and aspects of South Africa’s fascinating urban culture.

Episode 1 of Gorgeous Radio features rising enigmatic hip hop artist, TTGO, and acclaimed creative and photographer, Chisanga Mubanga. The two creatives offer a curated playlist from local emerging talents, as well as commentary on the curious state of SA hip hop.

Episode 2 features Una Rams who discusses new music and working with Black Coffee. TTGO and Mr Paris Bueller continue having critical chats on the game in Episode 3, where they discuss PH’s importance as a producer in the game, iTunes vs Soundcloud drops, gangster rap, Capsule Fest and the importance of music and cultural festivals and continue to plug us with the dopest new local hip hop.

Episode 4 of Gorgeous Radio is Wrestling themed (we’re not saying it’s inspired by our latest cover featuring AKA but yo…) In the spirit of WrestleMania, Maggz, Champagne69 and Nomuzi go head to head. Who’ll walk out victorious? Listen to EP 4 below to find out.

Episode 5 marks the season finale of  Gorgeous Radio. This episode features music from Riky Rick, Rolene, A-Reece, Una Rams and Naye Ayla. Check it out below.

Episode 5:

Episode 4:

Episode 3:

Episode 2:

The day before spring
Sings melodies from the sun
Shining so gorgeous.’ – Tshepo Mosoeu


Episode 1:

Writing & Artwork: Tshepo Mosoeu
Recording Engineer : Stickx

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