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Priddy Ugly MUD

Priddy Ugly Is At The Apex Of His Powers On Latest Release ‘MUD’

Few things are as rewarding as seeing an artist who by all hopes and intents was already really good, take himself seriously enough to still want to improve, and actually achieve that. Such is the trajectory of Priddy Ugly since he bursted into the scene with 2016’s You Don’t Know Me Yet. This is an MC and artist who throughout his career has never rested on his laurels but instead always challenged himself to find new, creative and all the while meaningful ways to better himself. 

If SOIL was a bold, telling project that Priddy Ugly is serious, MUD is the coagulation of that thought. At just 7 tracks, we don’t need to hear more to acknowledge that this man is on an ascent to elite status as an MC. 

Focused and succinct, the project starts off with “30Minutes To Sowetan” which was released as the first single. The second track, which is easily the best song on the project, “Heaven’s Gate” is a meditation on the grief caused by death. “Groovy Baby” is a playful but sweet love song, featuring the incomparible Marcus Harvey. It is followed by the fun posse cut “WIN” that features Blxkie and Zooci Coke Dope. Another standout song, which was also released as a single is “1632“. “The Neighbourhood” follows, with Marcus Harvey returning to handle hook duties, while Maglera Doe Boy assists with a verse. Closing off the project is “Botsotso” featuring Lady Du, which is an expected curveball at this stage – as many rappers are always tempted to take a stab at amapiano.

It is exciting to see Priddy Ugly take his stride. Let’s see what he do with it.

Listen to MUD below:

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