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Priddy Ugly

Priddy Ugly Paints a Somber Picture of The Hood In Latest Single “1632”

Priddy Ugly’s rap crusade is still well on course. The rapper announced that he will be releasing an EP in September called MUD, and judging from the two singles he has released so far, he is still on his mission to rap circles around anyone. On July 29th, he released “30minutes to Soweto” and today he has released the hard hitting “1632”. Both songs carry on the tradition he undertook with his 2021 album SOIL, where he was hellbent on really rapping.

Beyond just rapping, Priddy has adopted a keen sense of observation, which places him in a perfect position to be a mouthpiece telling stories of his people. He tells hood stories with shrewdness that is hard to ignore. On “1632” he waves tales about the youth in the hood who have had it tough, from the guys who resort to nicking cars in Ivory Park, to young ladies whose backs are on the wall so much so they have to become sex workers.

He laments the state of the hood, rapping, “Majita ko dikasi they die everyday, Okapi to the body, you die where you lay, mamis selling bodies, survive on the pay, but her mama got no money, she cry everyday…” but perhaps the crowning moment in the song is his third verse where he tells the story of Mandisa from Mashemong in Tembisa. This is a man on the mission and so far, he hasn’t set a foot wrong.

Listen to “1632” below:

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