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Maglera Doe Boy Diaspora

Reporting live from the corner, Maglera Doe Boy’s ‘Diaspora’ paints a picture of the hood

North-West’s shining sun Maglera Doe Boy has finally released his highly anticipated album Diaspora. An album full of incredible ambition, passion and personality, it’s a 12 track journey that re-introduces us to the genius that is Maglera Doe Boy. Replete with personal stories as well as painted pictures of the hood and community he comes from, Diaspora does an incredible job of showing the diversity in the craft of its creator. 

On the Mashbeatz produced “Goni”, he raps, “Reporting live from the corner, here to televise the memoirs of skebekwas, they turn Ryder marauder, he was once Lord but now loiters, upscale pauper, rich causes, rich caucus, conversating about some commisery with cousin..” and this is exactly what the album consists mostly of – Maglera being the spokesperson of the voiceless who have given him his voice.

There’s a million references to obscure slang only Maglera and his inner circle would be familiar with, as well as numerous accessible – with some being niche – pop culture references in equal measure. It’s one of the things that show just how worldly the talented MC is. Peppering some Italian and French phrases as he goes, one can’t help but marvel at his sophisticated persona. He has the articulation and insight of an Ivy League educated frat boy, with the sharp eye and street-smart sense of Omar from The Wire. Very few are able to have these two worlds existing within them with such compelling authenticity.

Diaspora is the perfect album that Maglera could have done. It showcases just how high level his talent is. His technical proficiency with words and incredible insight are all in full display. Considering that he is still relatively new in the game, there’s still room for growth of stature within it. While this might not be the album that breaks him in that sense,  it is still a masterpiece from an elite MC at work.

Listen to Diaspora here:

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