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RHTC Presents the 2nd Annual LPO Fest

The Lets play Outside festival is the only festival put together by more than 100 street artists. The fest serves to create a space where the ideas of young entrepreneurs could live together, on a play ground created for us by us.

The second LPO festival builds on the idea that there is power in numbers, by collaborating with a new wave of artists, from different disciplines, in creating a space that is more representative of the diversity within street culture, while showing how we can Play and Win together.

Lets Play Outside Workshops will be hosted on the 27th of April, at the RHTC x PLAYGROUND store, and these will introduce some of the core elements and values of Lets Play Outside, before our homies experience of these elements at the festival.

Held at Constitution Hill on the 28th of April, this festival will house 40 of your favourite street wear brands, 15 local musicians and 6 local food stalls. We’re keeping all the great energy of #LPOFEST17, throwing in some surprise (because that’s what we do) and welcoming some new friends to Lets Play outside.

Tickets are still available at the following places:

RHTC x PLAYGROUND Store, Braamfontein S.G.O.D flag ship store, Zone 6 Venue, Soweto


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