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SA Influencers feature in PUMA Run The Streets Video

We run the streets. So, we are the streets.

PUMA takes global street culture to the next level in their latest campaign collaboration exploring different aspects of street culture across the globe in cities with unique vibes and underground scenes that remain widely untapped by mainstream culture.

The idea was built around culture exchange and story building across various arts including fashion, dance, music, film, street art and photography. PUMA brought together influencers from these fields to document what kind of creative magic sparks when you bring together like minded people from vastly diverse cultures and let them run the streets.

The influencers chosen truly embody the key values of the Run The Streets campaign that is championed by PUMA global assets such as The Weeknd. Key product highlights include TSUGI Shinsei, TSUGI Nido (in store 15 August) and TSUGI Blaze evoKNIT (in store 15 August).

The project took place in four different cities and authentic content was captured to tell the story. PUMA focused on Moscow, Mumbai, Delhi and Cape Town as the setting to the creative exchange.

The approach in Cape Town was slightly different than in India and Russia. The aim of the collaboration in South Africa was to focus purely on music and bring together artists with diverse background and style interests to explore the music scene in the city and actually work on a track together in the end. The group of influencers ranged from Das Kapital, a successful Cape Town producer and radio personality to Namdi, an up and coming producer based in Dubai and everything in between. The wide range of talents and unique perspectives on art and culture lead to a lot of interesting discussions, some epic partying, and some late nights in the studio filled with inspiration.

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