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[VIDEO] Sauwcy x Money Badoo Get Sinister For “Lil BiH The Remix” Music Video featuring Blxckie

Enlisting Blxckie for a new rendition of their thumping single “Lil BiH”, Sauwcy and Money Badoo released the music video to the remix, aptly titled “Lil BiH The Remix” on 15 April 2021.

The video, directed by The Lotus Sutra and Darion4K, starts out with an eerie sequence depicting an individual, presumably the ‘Lil Bih’ the song is about, running through a quiet, leafy neighbourhood. It looks like they escaped some form of capture because they have their hands bound and only have a t-shirt, socks and briefs on. They probably would’ve gotten away, that is until Sauwcy, Money Badoo and the rest of the entourage appear in a Mercedes hooptie, hot on their heels.

The rest of the  video sees Sauwcy and Money Badoo taunting their conquest in a dimly lit red room, while hurling expletives at them – predominantly “Lil Buh”, which is a hypocorism for “Little Bitch”.

True to the sub-genre of new wave, “Lil Bih The Remix” is an adrenaline filled track that feels like a sweet on-slaught to the ear – owing to the heavy 808s and bass. Similarly, the video is characterised by the same adrenalin filled sensibilities, as all the acts deliver masterful verses in between the accusatory chorus.

Adding to the intrigue is the racy images of Sauwcy and Money Badoo, along with their entourage, of them scantily clad, provocatively dancing and gyrating in other scenes, while being completely intimidating in other shots. The whole thing is a sinister affair.

Blxckie is a perfect fit to the vibe of the song as he delivers a bouncy flow at the end. Given the company he’s in, he certainly looks like he’s enjoying himself in the video.

Check out the video below:

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