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Sjava Isibuko

Sjava Releases His Long Awaited Third Album Isibuko

Sjava has finally released his long awaited third album, Isibuko, which translates to ‘mirror’ in IsiZulu. The album is being well received by the masses, with Sjava receiving high praise for putting together a beautiful album.

Clocking in at 1 hour and 13 minutes, the album consists of 18 songs. Produced predominantly by esteemed producer Ruff, who has worked closely with Sjava on previous projects. It plays out as a mellow hybrid of soulful grooves rooted in the maskandi and isicathamiya genres, but is anchored by a discernible soulful hip hop sensibility all round.

Thematically, the album deals with subjects such as faith, maternal love, romantic love, lost love, grief, envy, trials and tribulations, as well as a host of other personal and relatable subjects dear to Sjava. Ntokozo Mkhize is featured on the opening song “Thixo”, and frequent collaborator and former label mate Saudi features on two songs, “Amaphiko” and “Ungavumi”. The rest of the features include Delayde, Emtee, Lolli Native, Sampa The Great and Shwi, amongst others.

Isibuko adds to Sjava’s already formidable and celebrated discography, which includes highly rated albums and EPs. He made his debut on the notorious record label Ambitiouz Entertainment, releasing the well-received Isina Muva in 2015. He established himself as a household name with the release of his sophomore album Umqhele in 2018. He would go on to release a critically acclaimed 4-track EP Umsembenzi, which was so successful that he reissued a Gold Deluxe version of it, adding 5 more songs.

Sjava has truly lived up to and even surpassed expectations set by him being the inaugaral recipient of the DStv Mzansi Viewer’s Choice Rising Award in 2017, following his debut album in 2016. He is a mainstay within the South African music industry and Isibuko firmly adds to that legend. 

Listen to Sjava’s third album Isibuko below:

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