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Sjava documentary

Sjava takes us into his world with new documentary, The Evolution of Sjava

Sjava has recently closed off the first leg of the Isibuko Tour in Durban and has celebrated the milestone in his career with the release of a documentary titled “The Evolution of Sjava.”

He begins the video talking about how he began making music, saying, “It’s always been music. According to my granny and aunt, mostly it was music. ‘Cause it’s what I’ve done my whole life, I don’t remember doing anything else,” before taking us on the journey of the evolution of Jabulani Hadebe.

Shot primarily in three locations, Jules Street in Malvern and Bergville in KZN tell the story of Sjava’s early years before he takes us into his home in Linksfield. He says of growing up both in KZN and Joburg, “Because I have two backgrounds and they’re both different, I’ll carry both and embrace both.” He adds, “And from putting those two together, what came out was something I believe wasn’t there, from blending those two worlds. So yeah, it really did influence my music and who I am basically.”

Sjava takes into his world with behind the scenes footage of his one man show, studio sessions, and shooting the visuals of his latest album, Isibuko. Take a look at the story of Sjava kaJama below with his new documentary.

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